Marcus Haney was born and raised in Zachary, Louisiana. He is currently studying music and voice performance studies at the prestigious SouthernUniversity A&M College School of Music in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has done many musical productions such as “Aint Misbehaving’ ” and operas such as “The Crucible”. He teaches music at Sound Principles Music Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he helps to further students studies in piano. He has also worked with the music departments of several universities and colleges using his musical direction and expertise to help further there music programs. He has also worked with other play companies such as New Venture Theatre, Upstage Theatre just to name a few. He has a passion for music drives him to use his abilities across countless musical arenas, such as musical theatre, gospel and contemporary choirs, and also professional vocal and instrumental conducting and instructing. Haney’s long term aspirations are to pursue his Masters and Doctorate degrees in music, continue teaching, and perform around the world sharing is his love for music and performance.